Free TON Weekly Meetup #34. English summary (22/12/20)
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Free TON Weekly Meetup #34. English summary (22/12/20)

Weekly Meetup #34 took place on December 22, 2020. It was a special once, sort of a recap of 2020 and all the events of the year. Lots of achievements were mentioned to sum up the year.


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Ron Millow: Today’s stream is probably the most important one since the launch, lots of important stuff today. May 7, 2020, was a special day since it’s the day we all got together and decided to commit to building a decentralized community. On that day Free TON was launched. We put in lots of hard work and I can proudly say that as of now Free TON is sufficiently decentralized. The network has just over 400 validators and tens of thousands of community members. Now let’s hear Mitja, who also has some exciting news to share.

Mitja Goroshevskiy: Ok, so I am looking at the Declaration of Decentralization and scrolling down to the part starting with «Free TON becomes fully decentralized when:», and we can say that we’ve accomplished a lot. Of course it’s nearly impossible to distribute 5 billion tokens in 9 months, but it’s an ongoing process. We’re on track. We’re not fully decentralized yet, but we’re getting there. As for the protocol design, we’re working on that also. Some more news coming up in that regard.

We’ve also just released the Rust Validator Source Code. That’s also quite big. We’ve been working on that for a year now. This is the public version and it has been published on It’s not very stable yet, keep that in mind. And don’t run this code on the mainnet. It can be unpredictable for the time being. We’re also going to be running the DevOps Contest to debug the network, that will also come.

As for the DOD DeBot – we’ve embedded the Declaration of Decentralization into the contract. Anybody can vote – it costs 1 TON to sign. We’ve just collected our first signature and it’s working. We invite everybody to do the same!

Chorus One (Brian Crain): We have some plans to make an ecosystem overview, maybe an analysis of the funding type by the givers since it’s a unique funding method. So I guess it will be interesting for most people. (Michael Chobanian): We’ve recently launched TON/USDT pair, not much liquidity yet, but still some action among the new users. As a validator our job is to help spread the word about the technology. New trading competition on Kuna coming up (by the community), starting in several days. In my opinion we should focus on the demand for the ecosystem (and in result, for the token). We’re planning to launch a stable coin based on the Ukrainian hryvnia in the TON network (currently there’s one on ETH blockchain). The gas costs of the Ethereum network aren’t low, so that’s one the of main reasons.

Sharif Sakr: I feel like the communities have been waiting for the tech side to catch up, or maybe it’s the other way around?

Paying that 1 TON and signing the DOD is very important. It’s more than just symbolic and more than just optional, basically it’s how this whole thing makes sense. The on-chain reflection of your actions unlocks our best traits. That’s a good community spirit and that’s something that’s not applicable to off-chain communities. I was amazed at how the decentralized governance works and I felt a lot of academic curiosity. If we will create a manual of some kind regarding the Decentralized Governance, we’d have to put in a lot of community effort, and I want to be a part of it. That’s my focus.

CEX.IO (Serge Smalko): Right now we’re taking part as an initial member in validating and governance. We’re also working in integrating FT in our services, such as Wallet and Liquid Staking. Also tons of educational materials are coming soon. (Mikhail Komarov): At first I was kind of skeptical about this whole thing going live, but we’re still around and we’re a part of the community. If you have a certain skillset, you can launch a test network from one of our repositories. Next we’re going to embed this thing into Rust Node. We’re probably going to join one of the weekly meetups when we have Snark Support.

Broxus (Vladislav Ponomarev): So as you all know we’re a B2B platform, cryptocurrency solutions made easy. We’ve reached almost all our key objectives. We planned to run at least two validator nodes and as of now, we’re running three of them. We’ve also created a whole bunch of tools for FT like C++ node or industrial TON API used by Chatex, PokerTon or Combot.

The biggest thing is probably going to be the ETH network bridge, which is coming up soon. We vote for proposals and submissions, we also actively participate in validators discussions. We support TON Crystals in Broxus products, the one that’s not ready yet is the Gravity OTC, which will come for sure in a couple of months. We’ve also had the winning solution of the Atomic Swaps Contest. And last but not least, we’ve brought several new partnerships to the network: Chatex, PokerTon, Combot. As for the next year, we want to launch a full-scale DeFi ecosystem and bring at least 5 major partners to FT.

MTX (Mike Kornev): we are a telecommunication and cloud services provider based in Luxembourg. We’re running validator nodes in our data centers, currently there are two nodes. Our plan is to run new nodes from Hong Kong, Dubai or Singapore to reduce latency. We also participate in Governance and that’s the most exciting part for me. Next year we will offer FT as a payment method for our products. There are some issues with KYC since people need to prove they’re not US citizens, and that’s something to deal with. But we hope we can overcome that.

Ron Millow: Essentially the network is open to everyone. So there’s that.

MinerGate (Vladimir Maslyakov): Congrats everyone. For me the most exciting part was participating in the Governance. We were among the ones that launched the DeFi Sub-governance, I also participated in launching the Web & Design Sub-governance. Currently our focus is on bringing new strong partnerships and expanding the network to the outside. We’re in final stages on bringing a fiat gateway for Free TON. (Konstantin Lomashuk): Basically the main reason we’ve decided to launch Free TON is the judicial decision by the SEC. We certainly think it’s not fair, but we couldn’t do anything about it at the time, but we found a way out with Free TON.

MixBytes (Sergey Prilutskiy): We shouldn’t let government bodies deprive us of taking advantage of technological advancements. Free TON blockchain delivers scalability – and to me that’s the most important thing. The release of Rust Node is very important for us, it’s a milestone. We will improve it, find bugs and make it better. We are optimistic about the future and looking forward to our new achievements together.

Marina Guryeva (DevEx Sub-governance): In terms of what we’ve done, we’ve done quite a lot, and not only our primary tasks (running the nodes, voting for proposals and submissions, etc), but other stuff as well, such as FT DevEx Sub-governance. We’ve also been managing the FT Smart Contracts Global Jury. I encourage everyone who’s fit to be a jury member to join. I do want more people to join, we have a Telegram Channel, lots of chats, and lots of activities on the forum.

Ron Millow: The DexEx Sub-governance is one the most active ones. Possibly top-2/top-3. We need more developers there. So dig in.

Everstake (Sergey Vasylchuk): I believe what we do now can lay the foundation for the new economy in the future. Adoption is key here. FT has potential to provide economic services to those who don’t have access to banking right now.

TON Labs (Cyril Paglino): I’ve arrived only a short time ago, but already impressed with the work all of you have done. It’s just amazing, how far the project has come. 2021 should be the year Free TON gets discovered by the general public. Our objective is to get to the Top 100 of CoinMarketCap in the first weeks of 2021 and move from there.

Ekaterina Pantaz (TON SDK): We’ve certainly accomplished a lot over the course of 2020. We’ve released a brand new 1.0 TON-SDK, ran the Bindings Contest, supported the DeBot Engine (just recently). That API is unstable at the moment. We’ve also created the TON-SDK Telegram Channel.

What’s planned for 2021? A number of things, including public APIs (GraphQL) optimizations, analytics API, data validation module (proofs calculation, will be in a form of a contest), ABI 3. It’s gonna be an exciting year for all of us.

Ron Millow: We’ve had lots of collaborations and partnerships. We can’t go through all of them right now, but we’ll go through some of them.

  • QuickAppNinja has completed off-chain integration. They’ll be working with the community on smart contracts. 330 thousand game developers, 184 million players.
  • Decentraland – integrated. Giveaways ready, web version is done. 10 thousand active users.
  • GalaxyOnline is integrated, including game mechanics and a smart contract. You have to see for yourself, what it is. It’s a game, but it’s like a smart game.
  • World Of Dogs – 340+ thousand users.
  • Free TON Shop has ads running on multiple blockchain-focused websites, on Telegram, we also have tournament giveaways. 3000 visitors.
  • 1000 TON Surf wallet downloads.
  • FT to mobile top up bot – integrated and working.
  • AdGram – integrated. 20+ million user coverage.
    Crypterium – integrated. 100 thousand users, 300 thousand user coverage.
  • We also collaborate regularly with The Government Blockchain Association (GBI). 2000 blockchain experts, we’re collaborating with them on voting solutions, healthcare solutions, running two contests right now – Voting Audit for Guatemala, and a contest to challenge an MIT and Harvard paper which states that only paper ballots are secure for voting.
    The second one is going to be launched at the 25th of December.
  • What else? African Blockchain Institute. They run a year-long hackathon for Africa’s technology students. In 2021 they’re going to be running one based on FT.
  • PokerTon, 20 thousand users.
  • PlayKey. Users automatically receive TON when they buy cloud gaming service. 70 thousand TONs already distributed. Visitors and buyers in November – 192 thousand, 8307 buyers. 58 thousand buyers in 2020. WorldChess. Basic smart contract for ChessID – ready. Potential is to reach 150 million chess players monthly.
  • Grupovina/Popusti – actively integrating, will be done by mid-January. 500 thousand current active users, 1+ million coverage.
  • And also:, CoinTelegraph, etc. So much going on. Two forming Sub-governances – African and Chinese.

John (African Sub-governance): We’ve already done the press release, the application documents, we already have a website. Currently we’re going through the application documents for the hackathon. Our proposal is already published, putting it to a vote on Wednesday.

Michael Kabanov (Web & Design Sub-governance): Recently we’ve created a contest for greeting cards, 279 submissions received. We’ve also broadened our coverage by going on Twitter with all these cards.

Harry (Chinese Sub-governance): We have lots of young talents that work in the blockchain technology. So that’s very promising for us. Right now we have only 10 people. As for our proposal, I can’t share it right now due to some technical problems. We’ll put the proposal for discussion next week.

Q: On which stage of the 3 is Free TON now? What is the deadline for the third stage?

A: We’re not in stage 3 technically yet, but we’re sufficiently decentralized, so it’s close. We can’t say that we will be 100% decentralized, nothing in this world is. As for the deadline, there is none currently, since it’s a process we need to follow. We’re going to be moving to SMV contracts for the Governance, that’s very important for us becoming more decentralized.

Q: What could happen to the decentralized network running on a few hosting providers?

A: If cloud providers go offline, then the whole world will suffer, all the blockchains, not only FT. For most of the blockchains it will be fatal. For example, it will kill BTC.

Q: How do we defend the mainnet from the attack of the new nodes?

A: Being a validator requires you to have a lot of funds, and you lose that if you do something. So it doesn’t make sense. As for the Rust Nodes, they can work hand in hand with C++ nodes and they will take the majority of the nodes in a few months.

Q: Will you implement a Free TON payment system in Telegram?

A: It’s already done, it’s called TON Surf. Also it’s possible in Chatex and even Combot. But these two are centralized, so you don’t have the private keys. By the way, the Security Card will come next month.

Q: Will you release the source code for DeBot?

A: Sure we will do that.

Q: It was mentioned that the US disclaimer is off the table. Does it mean that from now on, contests won’t contain that disclaimer?

A: That is correct. But those that contain it at the moment, there’s no way to remove it. Just assume it’s not there.

Q: Can I join a developer team and help with a website?

A: Yes you can, and please do. There is a new website in development and we’re very close to finishing it.

Q: Will you made some NFT Art’s about Free Ton Projects? Will you open some sub-governances about NFT’s commercial side?

A: You’re welcome at write a dApp and get right on it. The code exists for several months now. Check the repository.

Q: Declaration of Decentralization in DeBot still has the following “No US citizens or companies are permitted to sign this Declaration”

A: It does and we can’t change that. But the paragraph is no longer valid.

Full stream on YouTube


Publication author

offline 2 months

Adrian Chase

Comments: 0Publics: 12Registration: 29-10-2020


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