How to get people's attention to Free TON or any other blockchain project?
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How to get people’s attention to Free TON or any other blockchain project?

Today, many people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies, in particular with Bitcoin. Most people don’t even know that blockchain is more than just cryptocurrencies. Society is not yet mentally ready for global online changes, in particular for the widespread adoption of blockchain and the use of cryptocurrencies.


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Nowadays blockchain and cryptocurrencies are perceived by most people as something complicated. Accordingly, in order to increase blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to facilitate their adoption by ordinary people. Making blockchain more tangible to the average person will help attract millions of people.

Interest in blockchain has grown significantly now thanks to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Great attention is riveted to them. DeFi is a system of standalone applications or financial services that are not controlled by anyone. Decentralized finance shows more user benefits than traditional centralized finance.

Along with DeFi, the NFT trading space is now hugely popular. Non-fungible tokens are cryptographic tokens, each unique in the digital world. The hype around NFT exceeded the hype around Bitcoin in 2017. Now, these trending tokens are talked about everywhere, even in regular media. The popularity of NFTs can be compared to the popularity of ICOs at the time. This significantly affects the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and also attracts new participants in the digital ecosystem.

These are the two most important trends that are drawing more attention to the blockchain in early 2021. However, what other ways are there to draw attention to blockchain technology and the Free TON project in particular?

Earning opportunity

Who would not want to be rewarded or compensated for their time, knowledge or data? Today each of us has become an integral part of the Internet. The Internet presents much more opportunities to ordinary people than it seems. Everyone can earn from being at home, and quarantine around the world has proven this.

Blockchain is a monetary system that transcends the real world. Cryptocurrencies are considered the native currency of the Internet today. It can be traded, it can be exchanged, it can be used to buy goods and services on the Internet. Cryptocurrency cannot be “touched” like metal coins, its value is not embodied in material form, and nevertheless, cryptocurrency may well be used in the real world.

Blockchains can reward people for actions in the same way that consensus protocols reward computers for mining and validating transactions. Activity rewards always attract interested people.

For example, Vox users have already received $ 55 million in rewards over the past 5 years. The Kin ecosystem rewards users and developers and has paid over $ 15 million to its mobile app developer ecosystem in the past 2 years.

Free TON has been using this method of attracting attention for a long time. It is thanks to the reward for the activity that the project has gathered around itself a huge community of active cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Due to the fact that Free TON pays rewards for activity, an increasing number of specialists of various profiles are joining the project.

In order to receive TON Crystal, you do not need to be a programmer or have powerful hardware – the project is developing on all fronts, so the tasks for the community members are very different. As practice shows, those projects that pay remuneration to active participants are more successful and popular than those that rely solely on their team.

Unique value

We are used to keeping all valuable items at home – money, jewelry, works of art. Keeping such things depends on how safe we ​​consider our home. If the value of things is too high, we turn to banks or other reliable organizations. They naturally charge commissions for their services.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a large number of alternative options for storing value using cryptocurrency wallets. There are a huge number of wallets for storing digital money. With the help of cryptocurrency wallets, people independently manage their funds and assets. People no longer need to involve someone to ensure the safety of their own funds.

Some wallets also allow you to store NFT tokens, which have become a trend in the cryptocurrency world in 2021.

In the long term, banks and physical storage services are bound to lose their popularity and effectiveness. Digitalization is taking place in the world, hundreds of processes go online. In the long term, banks will not always be able to provide a high level of security.

Being a place to store valuables is a chic option to grab attention. However, using such places to store digital assets should be relatively straightforward. People around the world will gradually move from the physical world to the virtual one, ceasing to store their assets in the real world and moving them into the virtual one.

At the moment, the Free TON Surf cryptocurrency wallet only supports TON Crystal tokens. However, in the future, with the development of the project, wallets for TON Crystal will support other assets: NFT, TIP-3 tokens, mvip, and possibly other assets, like other multicurrency wallets. Expanding the functionality of wallets will attract more attention to the project and may interest investors.

Digitalization of real documents and objects

Each of us has different documents and things that provide us with opportunities. For example, you cannot drive a car without a driver’s license, and you cannot withdraw money or make money transactions without a bank card.

Yes, now there are countries where virtual documents can be used, but the security level of these systems is insufficient, lower than the security level that blockchain technology can provide. These government systems have many vulnerabilities that allow hackers to steal private information. The world is digitalizing, governments around the world are translating the work of government organizations online.

An excellent option would be the existence of a blockchain equivalent of different documents and things. Blockchain technology, combined with smartphones and biometric data, could be used to provide more opportunities in both the real and the virtual world.

You can expand the functionality of Free TON Surf or create a separate application. The software will simply check to see if you have the appropriate permission to access something. All this can happen contactless (if we are talking about the real world). However, this requires the modernization of existing systems in the world.

Such innovations in Free TON Surf will inevitably attract huge attention and new community members from all over the world. At the moment, there is not a single analogue of this idea, and even if there is, this project is still hardly popular.

Community empowerment

It’s cool when a project or blockchain is managed by a professional team, but it’s even cooler when community members decide the fate of the project themselves. The essence of blockchain is decentralization and most cryptocurrency projects do not correspond to this idea. Most blockchains and projects are managed centrally.

Blockchain technology has all the necessary resources to enable community members to vote. Blockchain is ideal for empowering online project management. Early versions already exist within DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), but a lot of work needs to be done to get closer to mainstream adoption of glcjv. Early DAO-based versions require participants to have significant technical background.

The Free TON project initially allows community members to influence the future of the project. Free TON is community-centric, all changes in the project are made after a general vote. This model is best suited to the idea of ​​decentralization.

Free TON development management is not centralized, as in the case of most other projects, but decentralized. All community members, developers, validators have equal rights and opportunities. Everyone can express their ideas or dissatisfaction.

True compliance with decentralization allowed the project to attract a huge number of active users from all over the world. Each member of the community feels like an important part of the project, since everyone can influence the future of the project, suggest ideas, express their opinion and influence decision-making.


The above four options for drawing attention to Free TON or any other project are very effective. As practice has shown, it is thanks to them that the project has gathered around itself a fairly large active community.

The advantage of Free TON is that the project is already using these ways to attract attention, unlike other projects. The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has a huge number of ideas. New ways of attracting attention are constantly appearing, most of them, of course, are hype.

NFT token and DeFi topics are very hype now. Free TON can create something that will attract a huge number of fans of NFT tokens and decentralized finance.

Now every member of the community can earn real profit in the form of TON Crystal, being at home. Today, each member of the community can safely store their tokens using the special Free TON Surf wallet. Today, each member of the Free TON community can influence the development of the project.

Not all projects have such capabilities, which provides a huge advantage for Free TON. It is these advantages that have provided the project with immense popularity in a short period of time.

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